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The CSSCD supports the local community by providing a number of low-cost services. Students work under the close guidance of senior security staff from the CSSCD and professors from Anderson University to identify, communicate, and implement effective solutions to complex problems by applying structured analytic techniques, creative thinking, and robust technical skills in all areas of security.


Curated Intelligence

Concerned about recent events, attacks, security trends, or something in general?

Security Research

Ready to implement new security tools or technologies 
but you aren’t sure if they’re the right ones?

Co-Managed SOC

Do you have on-staff IT, but need a dedicated team with specialized knowledge to monitor your network?

Security Awareness Training

Interested in elevating your team’s knowledge of cybersecurity awareness or  your specific security architecture?

Cyber Audit Assistance

Working through the complex verification process of insurance or compliance certification requirements?

Incident Response

Do you have a plan in case of a security incident or breach?

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