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CONspiracy Conference 2023

October 20, 2023

Join Us!

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October 20, 2023


Flagship Enterprise Center

2705 Enterprise Dr.

Anderson, IN  46013


Seating will be limited to the first 150 participants registered.


NineStar Connect, Sponsor for 2023 CONspiracy
Haiku, Chris Will, Sponsor for 2023 CONspiracy
Cyberbit, Sponsor for 2023 CONspiracy
InfraGard Indiana, Darryl Togashi, cybersecurity, Sponsor for 2023 CONspiracy
Madison County Chamber, Sponsor for 2023 CONspiracy
Optiv, Sean Sequeira, Sponsor for 2023 CONspiracy
2023 CONspiracy Speaker Schedule


Brandon Wales-Executive Director, CISA

Brandon Wales

Executive Director of CISA

Presentation Title: Information Security in the age of CISA

Chris Lowery, Indiana's Commissioner for Higher Education

Chris Lowery

Indiana's Commissioner for Higher Education

Presentation Title: The State of Higher Education in Indiana

Aaron Pritz, Reveal Risk, Cybersecurity

Aaron Pritz

CEO, Co-Founder of Reveal Risk

Presentation Title: Cybersecurity in Healthcare Panel Discussion

Jake Miller, Engineered Innovation Group, CEO

Jake Miller

Founder/CEO-Engineered Innovation Group

Presentation Title: How to Securely Deploy & Leverage AI Within Your Organization

Tracy Barnes, Chief Information Officer, IOT

Tracy Barnes

Chief Information Officer of IOT

Presentation Title: Did We Just Become Best Friends?  IT Operations and Security

Ashley Greeley, K-12 Cyber Mission Lead, NCAE-C

Ashley Greeley

K-12 Cyber Mission Lead

Presentation Title: Building the Future:

Opportunities in K12 Cybersecurity Education within the CAE Community.

Darryl Togashi, President, InfraGard Indiana, CTF Developer

Dr. Daryl Togashi

IN Director for CCDC

Presentation Title: Ethics, Data Privacy, and Cybersecurity using AI

Collin McNabb, Deputy Director of Intelligence & Analysis, IIFC

Collin McNabb

Deputy Director of Intelligence and Analysis

Presentation Title:  The Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center- A lesson in Cooperation

Tai Van Dam, AUCSSCD student intern

Tai Van Dam

Computer Science Major at AU

Presentation Title: Warusagi-A malicious USB

Morgan Rossman, AUCSSCD student intern

Morgan Rossman

National Security/History Major at AU

Presentation Title: Silicon Heartland

Tierra Williams, AUCSSCD student intern

Tierra Williams

Computer Science Major at BSU

Presentation Title: Inside Virtual Private Networks

Sean Donaldson, AUCSSCD student intern

Sean Donaldson

Computer Science Major at BSU

Presentation Title: Protecting Our Democracy: Understanding the Importance of Election Cybersecurity

Levi Shelley, AUCSSCD student intern

Levi Shelley

Computer Science Major at BSU

Presentation Title: Remote Code Execution - An Invasion from Afar

Jaden Soller, AUCSSCD student intern

Jaden Soller

Cybersecurity/National Security Major at AU

Presentation Title: The Step-by-Step Process of APT Attacks (and How We Identify Them)

2023 CONspiracy conference logo

2023 CONspiracy Conference:

From man's earliest history, bad actors have sought to usurp power, invoke chaos and steal resources utilizing deception and the tools of their time. The modern age is just an updated version of the famous Trojan Horse with new tools and environments, but the same old goals. Come to CONspiracy 2023 to hear from industry experts about the latest targets, tactics and ways to combat them. Our theme this year is "Working together for a more secure tomorrow." 

To ensure everyone can participate and benefit from the conference, we have deliberately kept ticket prices affordable for students and educators. By doing so, we aim to include students in the event, express our gratitude and support to educators, and maintain the conference's excellence without compromising its quality. 

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