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Why Study Cybersecurity at Anderson University?

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CAE-CD Institution

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Distinguished Security Speakers from FBI, TSA & NSA



Paid Internships and Industry Certifications Reimbursement



Ethical Foundations & Small Class Sizes

The Center for Security Studies and Cyber Defense 
(CSSCD) is an information security and threat intelligence consulting nonprofit subsidiary within Anderson University.


The CSSCD trains and equips student analysts with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide affordable service to businesses within Madison County under the guidance of security professionals.  

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The CSSCD supports the local community by providing a number of low-cost services including:

  • Live threat monitoring through our co-managed SOC options

  • Compliance reviews, and documentation assistance

  • Curated open-source threat intelligence reports on request

  • Unbiased security product research and comparison

  • Training and tabletop exercises to promote security awareness

Students work under the close guidance of senior security staff from the CSSCD and professors from Anderson University to identify, communicate, and implement effective solutions to complex problems by applying structured analytic techniques, creative thinking, and robust technical skills in all areas of security.

Contact us via our informational form, or reach out at:

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